Careers at UrbanGrid Australia

At UrbanGrid Australia we focus on personnel retention and ongoing training and development to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service to our clients.

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We foster a respectful work environment that encourages effective and efficient work practices, consistently motivating and strengthen our team performance.

Our specialist training programs are industry recognised as providing leading education in a specialised field.

What we offer:

  • An inclusive team environment
  • In-house training programs and mentorship
  • Clear career pathways

We take pride in:

  • our workmanship,
  • our abilities,
  • our performance, and
  • our commitment.

We have respect for:

  • our colleagues,
  • our clients,
  • the community and
  • the environment.

We achieve this by:

  • effectively communicating at all levels,
  • highlighting best safety practices,
  • leading by example
  • training and mentoring,
  • assessing personnel and their abilities to perform, and
  • changing behaviours and adopting a positive approach to safety.

Traineeship and Apprenticeship Opportunities:

UrbanGrid Australia offers the following traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities to full-time employees. These traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities exist for both new and existing employees.

  • UEG30114 - Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations
  • RII30913 - Certificate III in Civil Construction
  • RII31613 - Certificate III in Trenchless Technology
  • RII40713 - Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision
  • Certificate III Customer Contact
  • Certificate IV Customer Contact

All qualifications form part of UrbanGrid Australia's career pathways and include onsite and theoretical assessment methods to ensure knowledge and skill areĀ imparted and retained.

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