Company Profile

UrbanGrid Australia is your proven partner for a wide range of specialist services that are vital to develop, operate and maintain Western Australia’s essential water, energy and communications networks as well as civil projects.

UrbanGrid Australia has been operational since 1998 and has a proven track record of ensuring consistent and high-quality delivery of all projects with an uncompromising approach to safety and a strong focus on client and customer satisfaction.

UrbanGrid Australia's continued success has been as a result of a steadfast commitment to understanding our client's objectives and expectations whilst building long-term partnerships.

Sustainable Growth Into The Future
UrbanGrid consistently looks at ways to better support our clients. Our recent acquisition by Downer Group strengthens our ability to deliver the same reliable services more expansively and with a view to future innovation and sustainability.

UrbanGrid has always been highly proactive in delivering planned works and responding to emergencies. Our services to clients to aid their future growth will now also leverage Downer’s extensive contractor network, management systems, financial strength and industry best practices.

Relationships Creating Success
UrbanGrid and Downer’s marketplace success has been as a result of a steadfast commitment to understanding our clients’ objectives and expectations while building long-term partnerships.

UrbanGrid’s expertise supported by a substantial increase in depth of personnel and resources from Downer leads to new opportunities for our clients.

We and our new parent company have strong synergies in our commitment to building strong client relationships.

Communication Is Key
Our communication and community engagement strategies ensure that the public is proactively informed of all upcoming works in a timely and consistent fashion. Our established customer call centre provides a clear and open channel for additional information and feedback, further reinforcing confidence in our client's brand.

Consistent Training And Development
Our strong focus on the training and development of our people not only ensures we attract and retain the right personnel but also continues to build our internal skills and knowledge base for future growth.

With an established and trained workforce, specialised plant and equipment, integrated and certified health, safety, environmental and quality management systems, UrbanGrid Australia is able to provide solutions for all sized projects.

Delivering Reliably Every Time
A key differentiator from our competitors is our willingness to respond to client needs anywhere, any time.
Our ability to be nimble and dynamic has been positively demonstrated in support of our clients over many years. Through structuring an operation large enough to deliver any project, yet small enough to react, we confirm our commitment to supporting our clients.

Having the most expansive range of drill rigs in Western Australia, we have the capacity to deliver:

  • on multiple work fronts
  • major infrastructure upgrades
  • emergency, reactive and priority works.

We achieve this by being collaborative, flexible, dynamic and nimble. No job is too small or too big for UrbanGrid.

UrbanGrid Australia is proud to provide services in:

  • Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Water
  • power
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Civil Works
  • GPR, Undergroup Asset & HP Locating
  • Traffic Management
  • Reinstatement

Our clients include: