To forge long-term trusted partnerships with utility asset owners by providing proven experience in utility infrastructure management and construction. UrbanGrid Australia will continue to utilise innovative techniques, proactive communication and insight to improve efficiencies and reduce the impact on both the customer, community and the environment.

Industry Leading Success
As industry leaders with proven delivery experience, UrbanGrid Australia has the ability to design and construct Gas, Water, Electricity and Telecommunications networks covering the complete spectrum of infrastructure construction services for both new and replacement utility projects. UrbanGrid Australia is accredited in international Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental standards and employs industry best personnel trained to use the most sophisticated tooling, equipment, technology and innovative construction methodologies. 

UrbanGrid Australia is currently recognised for delivering reliable, efficient single utility construction in each respective utility sector (Gas, Telecommunications, Water and Power) and has identified an opportunity to further improve efficiencies in the future with the development of a multi-utility construction method. 

This focus on the future delivery of a multi-utility service will provide both cost and time efficiencies as well as a reduced impact on the natural and constructed environments. Furthermore, this will enable UrbanGrid Australia to offer the safest, most efficient and effective processes to utility asset owners and developers, proven through successful project delivery on each utility network.