Zero Harm Summary

Our approach to Zero Harm starts at the induction stage to ensure that the foundations are strong, and continues throughout our training programs to ensure a safe delivery onsite.

UrbanGrid Australia has a strong and uncompromising commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel, contractors, visitors and public whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

UrbanGrid Australia takes a proactive approach towards Zero Harm and is meticulous in evaluating key indicators to ensure the development and implementation of improvement strategies.

Our diverse Zero Harm team enables us to provide complete HSEQ advice, education and mentoring. The team includes a certified OHS Practitioner, certified Auditor and Registered Nurse with specific first response injury management and triage assessment capabilities. Each of these Health & Safety professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience to continually improve our management of internal Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and Training. 

Our Zero Harm and Training Team are passionate about:

  • making a difference in the workplace;
  • taking accountability for our HSEQ performance;
  • seeking continual improvement; and
  • implementing behavioural-based safety systems.

Our team has developed an integrated Zero Harm Management System that:

  • provides a framework for managing health, safety and environmental activities; and
  • is measured and certified against international benchmarks and standards.

Its purpose is:

  • to educate on how we lead Health & Safety at UrbanGrid Australia;
  • to help us continually improve Health & Safety and Environmental performance at UrbanGrid Australia; and
  • to assist personnel in identifying and managing risk.

Recent Recognition:

Compliance Manager - Natalie Forrest & CGU National Manager - Llewellyn Jones
Compliance Manager - Natalie Cussell & CGU National Manager - Llewellyn Jones



In December 2015, UrbanGrid Australia took out the Silver award at the IFAP/CGU Safe Way Awards for its Integrated Management System. We were also awarded recognition for achieving six months LTI free within our Communications, Gas Distribution and Administration work groups.

UrbanGrid Australia has been LTI free since 2010, however, this was the first time we had entered the IFAP awards, providing official recognition.