Horizontal Directional Drilling

UrbanGrid Australia specialises in the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling to deliver all sized projects across metropolitan and regional areas.

At UrbanGrid Australia we choose to use trenchless technology that allows for the installation of underground pipe without the need to excavate from the surface. This provides minimal surface disruptions to vegetation, infrastructure and streetscapes.

Horizontal Directional Drilling provides a cost effective and efficient methodology and can be used to bore under verges and roads, railway lines, services, structures, creeks and rivers. This technology in conjunction with our internal processes has proven to speed up construction and installation by up to three times.  

UrbanGrid Australia has extensive experience drilling in all variety of complex terrains in all soil conditions including hard rock and granite. 

Our fleet of drill rigs have the capacity to drill from a 20mm to 1500mm diameter borehole and extend over distances from 10m to 2km of continuous drilling. This provides the capacity to cater for restricted area inner city and suburban locations as well as more expansive civil construction projects and  regional environments. 

Our use of state-of-the-art tracking and navigation systems allows us to provide precision and targeted drilling at all depths with minimal impact to the public, local community and flow of surrounding traffic. This enables the installation of pipelines where traditional excavation methods do not ordinarily succeed. 

In addition, Horizontal Directional Drilling results in minimised impact on the surrounding natural environment including culturally sensitive areas.