Traffic Management

UrbanGrid Australia offers traffic management solutions as part of the overall project delivery for clients in the communications, energy, water and civil construction industries.

UrbanGrid Australia provides trained and accredited personnel that are able to deliver basic and advanced traffic management solutions as part of each project.

The UrbanGrid Australia Traffic Management team will formulate specific traffic management plans to suit each project at the outset. Consideration of this requirement ensures for a smooth transition through the varying phases of each project. 

Our personnel are trained to implement procedures that manage the risks associated with the existing traffic environment including high traffic volumes and the general public.

Throughout the planning stages, our traffic management team will ensure that the Traffic Management Plan complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements and that all permits and approvals are received from the relevant authorities.

In addition to our internal Traffic Management team, we are proud to have also partnered with some of Western Australia's largest traffic management providers allowing a continual expansion in the scope of work that we are able to service.